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Homemade Chocolate Dessert Recipe Essentials

Chocolate fondue

Nov 24, 2020

Tacky double chocolate fondue

Once upon a time I loved you white, the purest and most innocent there is. Later I loved you black: moody and obsessive. But after so many years I love you gray. People say that’s the saddest, most boring color of them all, but now I know that I love you mixed black and white, in fact I love you like I’ve never loved you before.  
milk chocolate mousse

Nov 24, 2020

Alternative milk chocolate mousse

Chocolate is the substitute for love and will always be there for you.
Love and hate doughnuts - Max Brenner | USA

Nov 24, 2020

Love and hate doughnuts

Had one last night fresh from Elsa’s son’s bakery. They are getting so much better every year. Incredible! But will they ever top the memory of the immortal ones made by his mother, who passed away so long ago but never really agreed to leave?

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