Social Responsibility

At Max Brenner, we are committed to improving the lives of our customers, our employees, the environment and our community. Keep reading to learn more about our global impact

CocoaMax Chocolate Tablet

Max Brenner fans in the U.S. can enjoy our CocoaMax Chocolate Tablet - a 100g dark chocolate bar that is also organic and fair trade certified. The tablet, which debuted in 2013, is rich in taste, helps build a better world through education, is sustainably sourced, and enables improved quality of life for farmers and their families.

Organic cocoa powder and organic Tanzanian cocoa liquor are blended with organic cane sugar to create a deep, rich chocolate flavor. A 0.50 USD donation from the sale of each bar goes to support schoolchildren in Tanzania. The funds purchase much-needed schoolbooks and support the building and maintenance of school facilities to ensure safe and clean learning environments.

The raw cacao for Cocoa Max is harvested from the Biolands project in Tanzania, which breathes new life into local cocoa cultivation. Farmers are taught organic practices and guaranteed a fair market price for their harvest.

Fast Max

Fast Max - our dessert and drink takeaway concept - combines our unique graphics with sustainable materials to create packaging that is both beautiful and good for the environment. Our hot cups, used for keeping our famous hot chocolate nice and warm, are compostable and made with renewable resources. We source our carry-out boxes from a "green" facility that uses vegetable-based ink and recycled paperboard. And our cold cups and lids are compostable and created from plant-based material.

Corporate Responsibility Day

Most of the time, our world revolves around chocolate, and around making people happy through unique chocolate experiences. But we always take one day each year to step out of that world and make people happy in different ways. During Corporate Responsibility Day, we select one or more charitable organizations to support as a team. The opportunity allows us to give back and reflect on our true purpose as responsible individuals and employees.

Our Coffee Program

Customers in our USA and Japan locations enjoy coffee from La Colombe, a leading proponent of ethical trade with coffee growers as well as a committed supporter of farms that follow earth-friendly practices. La Colombe is also actively engaged in bettering the lives of orphaned children in Africa through Project Afrique.