It’s All About The Mint!

<p><a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-463" alt="MaxBrenner_BerryWaffle_Mint" src="" width="300" height="199" /></a>There are few flavors as versatile as mint. This powerful plant makes its way into our lives on an hourly basis … in our toothpaste, in our morning cup of coffee, in our afternoon mojito … and, of course, in our daily dose of chocolate. <span id="more-462"></span></p> <p>While the origins of mint chocolate are unknown, we’re giving majors kudos to the genius who came up with this dynamic duo. Most theories point to the fact that both chocolate and mint were used for medicinal purposes &#8211; but we’re guessing that some out-of-the-box-thinker thought that the refreshing and crisp mint played nicely with the dark and bitter taste of cocoa, and we couldn’t agree more.</p> <p>Here are five ways to incorporate mint into your everyday chocolate consumption.</p> <p><b>1)      </b><b>Add mint to your hot chocolate</b></p> <p>Crush spearmint or peppermint candies and mix them into your regular hot chocolate. For a holiday classic, try this with white chocolate.</p> <p><b>2)      </b><b>Blend mint into your icing</b></p> <p>Spruce up a can of buttercream icing and mix in mini chocolate chips, peppermint extract, and a few drops of green food coloring.</p> <p><b>3)      </b><b>Sprinkle mint on your waffle</b></p> <p>Instead of dousing your Belgium waffles with syrup, try topping them with a fresh berry salad, melted milk chocolate and a few mint leaves instead.</p> <p><b>4)      </b><b>Bake mint in your cookies</b></p> <p>Add a little zing to your famous chocolate chip cookies by mixing a few crème de menthe baking chips into your traditional recipe.</p> <p><b>5)      </b><b>Mix mint in your milkshake</b></p> <p>When whipping up a traditional chocolate granita (milk chocolate ganache and ice), throw in a handful fresh mint or a few drops of pure peppermint oil.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Amazon to the Max!

<p>Chocoholics rejoice! You’ve asked and we’ve listened! We’re so excited to announce the launch of our new Amazon shop. No matter where you are in the U.S., we have your chocolate fix covered. With just a few clicks, you can now shop for all of your favorite Max Brenner Chocolate – anytime, anywhere.</p> Read more >

A Spring Fling You Won’t Regret

<p>You can feel it in the air – the birds are beginning to chirp and daylight is lasting a little bit longer. The inviting warmth of springtime is upon us! And what better way to celebrate this gentle, laid back season than with our NEW spring menu! From the tantalizing Nacho Skillet to a fun and delectable Doughnut Party – these are dishes (and experiences) you’ll fall for fast!</p> Read more >

Cold Weather, Warm Bellies

<p>Oh, winter. We’re all wishing for a swift end to these bitter cold months. Sure, the occasional snow dusting may be a pretty sight &#8211; but frigid temperatures and blizzard conditions are absolutely chilling. Enter: Comfort food. Cozying up and catching up with our loved ones over warm, hearty dishes is the perfect way to cope with the worst winter weather. </p> Read more >

Your New Year’s Resolution: Eat More Dark Chocolate!

<p>For the New Year, we have a sweet resolution for all of you chocoholics: eat more dark chocolate, anytime of the day, whenever you need it. Don’t skip chocolate as part of your new diet, but instead make it a part of your new diet.  Sounds easy enough, right?</p> Read more >

Max Brenner’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

<p>While the first 20 years at Max Brenner have been chocotastic we are so excited to be entering the next decade and celebrating our “platinum” anniversary. So how exactly did Max Brenner celebrate such a huge anniversary? </p> Read more >

Max Brenner Invites You to Share YOUR Chocolate Love Stories!

<p>As Max Brenner approaches our 20th Anniversary, we are taking a step back to reflect on all the chocolate magic that has transpired in our shops &amp; restaurants around the world. From our first retail location in 1996, to our first Max Brenner Chocolate Bar in 2000, to our recent celebration of World Chocolate Day 2016, our mission to share our chocolate love story has always been the guiding light.</p> Read more >

Handmade Charity: Max Brenner Shares More Than Just the Love of Chocolate

<p>Recently, to give back to our community, we hosted Handmade Charity’s first NYC event at Union Sq. Children got a chocolate pizza tutorial from our Food and Beverage director, Jay Son, as well as a candle making class.  They had an amazing and moving time, and were able to share the joy of life (and chocolate).</p> Read more >

World Chocolate Day 2016: #EatYourSelfie at Max Brenner Union Square

<p>Although every day is chocolate day at Max Brenner, this year on July 7th for World Chocolate Day we wanted to do something special to show our appreciation for all the chocolate love that we receive every day. To celebrate with a twist, we commissions artist Taylor Martin to create the first ever Max Brenner edible #EatYourSelfie chocolate portraits!</p> Read more >

Max Brenner&#8217;s Limited Time Menu

<p>Max Brenner’s Limited Time Menu<br /> Did someone say… summer? Yes, the warm weather is here and we’ve put together a special limited time menu for all our beautiful Max-o-holics. Come in and try our new seductive seasonal plates in our NYC, Boston and Philadelphia restaurant before it’s too late!</p> Read more >

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